Interview series with ITWM: Part 1

Do you want to learn more about ITWM? Leading up to the #hopeforthecaptive event September 26, we’ll share a behind-the-scenes look into ideas and thoughts of ITWM leadership.

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 Question #1: How does ITW impact change inside and outside prison walls?

Taking men and women who seem hopeless or feel their lives are basically over, to find out with Jesus there is Love and forgiveness.  They now know there is nothing impossible with God and and they fill hopeful again.

ITW displays compassion, Heb. 10:34, on those who are imprisoned, whether behind actual prison bars or figurative bars (bars of loneliness, distress, anxiety, abuse or others). Jesus came to set the captive free, give Hope, and ITWM does just that, inspires Hope. Many behind bars are hopeless from shame and guilt. They need discipleship, taught and loved on, Romans 15:13, to see the fullness of Jesus and ITWM does just that, helps the captive shed the chains of brokenness and despair to walk in the freedom Jesus has to offer and shed the chains that hold them back. This is evident in lives such as Keith (you’ll learn more about him at the Event).

It is stories like this that make a difference not only for one life but for Keith’s family both immediate and extended, for Keith’s co-workers and neighbors. Keith also now gives back…he is ministering with Larry for ITWM and shares what Jesus did for him. This is the great commandment, “go and make disciples.”

ITWM has compassion on those chained to shame, guilt, despair and offers Hope, The HOPE of Jesus Christ. This HOPE makes a difference to us all.