Paper Banquet 2016

Not Junk Mail

Good things still come in the mail, and this year its a banquet (minus the food, Harbour Light Choir & Larry). The unanimous decision to put $15,000 back into the ministry instead of a “live-event” was unanimously accepted by our Board of Advisors earlier this year. When you see this in the mail, please don’t trash it. We need and appreciate your support for things like:
  • Operating Expenses
  • 1,500 Devotionals per Quarter
  • Worship Equipment
  • More Pastor’s Salaries to (weekly) Preach the Gospel in:
    • 5 State Prisons
    • 1 Federal Jail
    • 3 County Jails
    • 3 Missions
We also want to see you in person! Thanks to one of our friends in the ministry, we will be having quaint dinners throughout the year to speak with you in a more intimate setting of 25-30 people. Please keep an eye on our Facebook Page for more information, dates, and how to get involved.
If giving online is more convenient for you, please use our Paypal below.

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