Ministry Update: January 5-11, 2014

Hello Everyone!

We had an amazing week last week in the Lord at ITW! Here’s the weekly update! Please join us in prayer for our 72 new brothers and sisters!


On Sunday at Holiday prison we had 60 men come to Christ.
On Tuesday, we saw another 10 men come to the Lord in federal and 5 at Harris County Jail.
Wednesday we saw two ladies come get saved and 5 more men at Harris County Jail.  
God is good!
Brother Larry

There is Hope for the Captive, Indeed

Father & Son UnitedHope for the Captive was not just an event name for In the Word Ministries first fundraising banquet on September 26, 2013. God showed up and showed off by uniting a father and son, who unknowingly were ministered to by Larry Cooke for decades.The Lord uses Facebook in mysterious ways, and we learn that it is all for His glory, and continue to be  amazed at His goodness.

Harbor Light Choir Foyer

The Salvation Army Harbor Light Choir rocked the house and the streets, singing praise songs that touched hearts and souls of over 125 people in attendance! As they sang in the foyer, it drew passers-by in to experience the Holy Spirits presence permeating the environment. The choir is comprised of ex-inmates freed by the power of Christ, now living for Jesus Christ and using their musical gifts for His glory. You can also request their talents!! Click on the link above and get in touch through their Facebook page.



Our guest speakers, Debi Tengler, Paul Herndon, Bob Simmons, and Dave Cook, members of the ITW Advisory Board complimented the program by adding their personal experiences with Larry Cooke, and how Jesus changed their lives through his obedience to preach the Gospel.

Debi SpeakingPaul SpeakingIMG_3427


Last, and certainly not least,  guests enjoyed a delicious meal, with friends, new and old. IMG_3409


Prisoner’s Testimony: Jimmy Smith

From death to life, inmate Jimmy Smith shares his testimony:

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Interview series with ITWM: Part 1

Do you want to learn more about ITWM? Leading up to the #hopeforthecaptive event September 26, we’ll share a behind-the-scenes look into ideas and thoughts of ITWM leadership.

Do you have questions for Larry? Please send us your questions on Facebook! We’ll respond on our blog!

 Question #1: How does ITW impact change inside and outside prison walls?

Taking men and women who seem hopeless or feel their lives are basically over, to find out with Jesus there is Love and forgiveness.  They now know there is nothing impossible with God and and they fill hopeful again.

ITW displays compassion, Heb. 10:34, on those who are imprisoned, whether behind actual prison bars or figurative bars (bars of loneliness, distress, anxiety, abuse or others). Jesus came to set the captive free, give Hope, and ITWM does just that, inspires Hope. Many behind bars are hopeless from shame and guilt. They need discipleship, taught and loved on, Romans 15:13, to see the fullness of Jesus and ITWM does just that, helps the captive shed the chains of brokenness and despair to walk in the freedom Jesus has to offer and shed the chains that hold them back. This is evident in lives such as Keith (you’ll learn more about him at the Event).

It is stories like this that make a difference not only for one life but for Keith’s family both immediate and extended, for Keith’s co-workers and neighbors. Keith also now gives back…he is ministering with Larry for ITWM and shares what Jesus did for him. This is the great commandment, “go and make disciples.”

ITWM has compassion on those chained to shame, guilt, despair and offers Hope, The HOPE of Jesus Christ. This HOPE makes a difference to us all.