We received a letter the other day from a man who said he saw me at the Polinski Unit ministering recently. He said that I looked familiar to him, but it took him a little while to remember where he had met me before. He said that he recalled that I had ministered to him in the Harris County jail over 20 years ago when he was only 16 years old.

He said back then he was being tried as an adult and that I told him,

God is not through with you and He has a plan for you. Seek Him!

Set_the_Captives_Free_std_t He told me that God has used him to speak the Word of Truth to hang members for the last 20 years. This man wrote to thank me for sharing with him the Hope of Christ back then. He turned his life around and gets released next year. GOD IS SO GOOD!

Here’s another praise report that we can thank God for… but first answer this question.

Q. What does a man that has spent 15-45 years in prison look like?

Ex-Inmate Picture(Eastham)

A. Pretty Good!

All of these men are ex-inmates from the Eastham prison, living in the “free world”, doing well – a few are even pastors! We have had the privilege to minister at the Eastham prison for the past 28 years.