A Word of Encouragement on Labor Day

When Peter met Jesus in Luke 5, he was stuck in the rut of daily life. It was the same thing every day: go fishing, come home, go fishing, come home, go fishing, come home.

Then, one day, Jesus showed up on the scene and found Peter – broke, empty, tired, a sinner struggling to get by. Does any of this sound familiar? Jesus asked Peter if He could use his boat. All Peter had was his boat and he had no idea how it would help Jesus, but, he said YES to Jesus!

Jesus entered Peter’s boat and began to teach the people. When Peter obeyed the Word of God, things began to change. Everything he had worked for and dreamed of, Jesus made happen in a moment of time; fish began to fill the nets to overflowing, so many fish many fish that the boat was on the brink of sinking.

It was then that he realized what he had always wanted was not what he always needed.

He needed Jesus. He repented, left everything and followed Him.

adventure of discipleship, the_std_t_nvFrom this point on, Peter began to live an exciting, fulfilling life and it began when he simply decided to give Jesus what he had and obey Him. Peter’s life turned out to be beyond anything he could think, HOPE, or imagine.

God has not changed.

He still desires to enter your emptiness and give you His life. If your life is not what you thought it should be, if you lack peace and joy and everything seems to be a struggle, there is GOOD NEWS: Jesus can still use you and turn your mundane empty life into something fresh and free!

Your part is to say YES, obey His Word and follow Him. Peace and joy will invade your heart and your life will become new and exciting, in Him.